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Cooking with Coffee

Join Chef David Ash as he cooks with coffee. The bold and rich flavors of coffee go well with entrees and desserts in ways you may not have considered. Whether it’s a tasty espresso frappe utilizing Rancilio and Vitamix, a rub on meat grilled in a Convotherm or a glaze on veggies, coffee can be a simple way to add flavors that are sure to excite!

Do you want any of these recipes? Want assistance on menu development, equipment training or interested in discussing cooking or refrigeration solutions for your kitchen operations?

Please Note: Cooking with Coffee was shot in Zink Foodservice’s state-of-the-art Culinary Center in Columbus, Ohio and the food was plated on Oneida dinnerware. Have an idea of what you’d like to see Chef Ash cook up next? Please contact him at davida@zinkfsg.com.


K-12 Challenges and Solutions

We recently had the opportunity to spend time with Tamara Earl, SNS and Child Nutrition Supervisor for Mason City Schools. She was kind enough to let us share the foodservice challenges that come with operating the largest school district in Ohio. The volume of students they serve daily, and the creative, and healthy, solutions Zink has been able to help them provide is simply amazing.

Q: How did you get your start in school foodservice?
I like to say I got my start a little later in school foodservice than a lot of people. It was sort of an opportunity for a second career for me. I started in school foodservice in my 40s. I do have a degree in food management from Miami. I served 11 years as the assistant supervisor, and now I’m in my 7
th year as supervisor.

Q: How large is the Mason City Schools district?
About 11,000 enrollment. The high school is about 3,600 students and we are the largest high school in Ohio

Q: What changes were you trying to make at the high school and why?
We have a large volume of students to feed and one of our big selling products has always been potatoes, as French Fries, and for several years now we’ve been trying to problem solve. How can we produce a good fry, without frying it? I also had the angle that I was interested in the safety of my employees.

Q: How did you go about solving that challenge?
For at least five years now, especially at
conferences and equipment shows, I’ve been looking at any equipment that might handle the kind of volume that I need to bake a fry. We actually do about 900 servings a day of fries. When we opened up a second kitchen we began baking fries and I did have some good tips about using screens or perforated pans in the ovens. We were happy with the fries coming out but we had the bigger challenge of how were we going to make another 600 servings. That process led me to start looking especially at forced air and that type of equipment so that fries would crisp up well. That led me to problem solve with Zink and Cres Cor.

Q: How has the training been with your staff?
The training has been very solid. We had the advantage of a trial unit for a couple of months at the end of last school year and that was huge in perfecting the process of what we needed to do with the baking and holding of the fries. That gave my staff time to figure out the process. So, when we made the final purchase of five Cres Cors, my staff already had a good idea of how to manage it.

Q: How are the kids adjusting to the new style of French Fry?
I would say that it does create conversation, and a little controversy, because there is a difference from a fried fry but I also believe that as we’ve gotten better in the process the students have also begun to be more receptive and excepting of the products. And hopefully they do see the point that it is a healthier version of a fry.

Q: Having accomplished your goal of a healthier French Fry, do you feel it was worth the effort?
I absolutely do feel that it’s been worth it! I feel that we have a responsibility to model for students’ choices. I have to feel better about modeling a fry that is baked over one that is fried. Hopefully we will also be able to model some other choices with the emphasis on vegetables and the value that has for students’ diets.

Q: Do you feel your relationship with Zink Foodservice has been beneficial?
I definitely do, as I said I worked on this process for easily five years, and I was in a position where I could present the overall concern and problem solving. For about two years Zink was looking out as well for ideas on how I could problem-solve this. The trial unit gave us an opportunity, bringing in the chief from Cres Cor gave us the opportunity to make sure this was really what we wanted and we would achieve the outcomes we wanted. So, definitely the technical and the advantage to have contact with professionals in the field helped make the difference. I do think Zink was instrumental for that!

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Zink Spotlight Takes on Food Safety

Zink Spotlight is your first look at top-rated equipment and supply solutions. We’ve updated the presentation of our product information and provided added value. The latest Zink Spotlight is focused on Food Safety and brings you the premier products to keep your food safe, from food prep to storage and service.

The issue includes must-have food safety product information, quick did you know facts and photos to help you visualize the products in your kitchen. See the latest from CarlisleCooper AtkinsEdlund and Vitamix!

Did you know? September was National Food Safety Month. National Food Safety Month was created in 1994 to heighten the awareness about the importance of food safety education.

One in six Americans will get sick from food poisoning this year alone. Continuously Check Your Steps! By following four simple steps in food handling, cooking and storage, you can help keep your foodservice operations safe for your customers and prevent foodborne illness.

In addition to referencing The Zink Spotlight, Food Safety edition, be sure to visit  https://www.servsafe.com as a reminder of how important it is to stay current on your operation’s food safety practices.

Be on the lookout for the next issue in 2018 for what’s hot from NRA!

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